“When we first met Rabbi Goldman we were still searching for our place in Judaism. We belonged to a conservative synagogue, and I had a conservative conversion. However, as we continued to add to our observance, we grew increasingly uncomfortable there. We were shomer shabbos and observed kashrus laws, but we were not sure our path was in Orthodox Judaism. One summer Shabbas, we went to Rabbi Goldman’s home for third meal. He saw right through us to our true selves and told us that night that I needed an Orthodox Conversion. The rest is history. He invited us into his home, taught us torah everyday, and guided us in our growth at every step. The Mishna in Pirkei Avos says, “Accept a teacher upon yourself; acquire a friend…” With Rabbi Goldman we found both a teacher and a friend. Rabbi Goldman is an amazing teacher and spiritual counselor. He has an immense passion for Torah learning and living. We recommend his program to anyone considering receiving a universally accepted conversion. His preparation far exceeded my Beis Din’s expectations, and they were very impressed with the level of knowledge that he taught me. We are forever thankful for his kindness, friendship, and mentorship.”  
- Tuvia and Rivka Berzow

“I have been very fortunate to have met Rabbi Goldman.  He has helped take me on a life changing journey to reestablish my connection with Hashem, and through the recent conversion process that my wife has embarked upon.  I’ve met many Rabbis’ over the years.  For the most part they were all well- educated, quality people who had sage advice for me.  There have only been a few though that have truly listened to me, and struck a balance between providing me with religious wisdom and good sound advice.  Rabbi Goldman is one of those rare individuals who can do both, and I’m very grateful to him that he is in my corner and is helping me to become an observant Jew and a good person.  I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is considering the conversion process and is looking for a Rabbi who is both patient and wise. ”  
- Steve Edwards

“It was a miracle for me and my two daughters when G-d answered our prayers and Rabbi Zecharyah Tzvi Goldman and his family moved to our small Jewish community of Portland, Oregon, B’H. He was happy to help us learn Torah and we learned sometimes four days a week with him. He was patient and kind, and sensitive and caring. He taught us everything we needed to know to live a fulfilling Orthodox Jewish life.  When Rabbi Goldman felt we were ready to convert, he found us a Bet Din that gave us a universally accepted Orthodox Conversion. He guided us every step of the way until we finally made it into the holy waters of the Mikvah. I am forever grateful for Rabbi Goldman’s help, advice, encouragement, and kindness.  Without him we could not be living this beautiful Orthodox Jewish life that we prayed for, for so long.

Thank you Rabbi Goldman. May you continue to be blessed.”   
Rochel Tziporah Adler