The philosophy of the Institute for Halakhic Conversion is as follows:  it is necessary to make publicly available, information and resources, that help facilitate sincere converts in obtaining a widely- accepted, Orthodox Halakhic conversion. Often, individuals seeking a conversion either find themselves in intermarriage, or actively planning to become intermarried. Alternatively, there are countless Gentiles who feel called to the Truth of the Torah and the mission of the Jewish people and seek to convert. Prior to the inception of the Institute for Halakhic Conversion, the only organized information, guidance, and professional services provided on matters of conversion in the United States, publicly accessible via the internet, were from Non-Orthodox Sources. If you look at the institutional web presences of the Conservative or Reform movements, you will easily find user-friendly information about the process of conversion- not so within the Orthodox community.  You can find several websites offering Reform or Conservative professional services in obtaining an invalid conversion to Judaism from an Orthodox perspective.  However, you would have to look very hard to find anyone within the Orthodox community providing accurate information, quality guidance and counseling, and in-depth education to prospective converts.

    While it is true that Orthodox Judaism is not seeking to proselytize, nevertheless, in  today’s generation, if a man or a woman in an intermarriage, a sincere Gentile independent of any relationship to a Jewish partner, or a Jewish couple adopting a gentile baby or child are seeking a conversion, they should do so via an Orthodox rabbinic court. This provided that there is a sincere acceptance of the commandments and a supportive community and lifestyle for a life of Torah and Mitzvot. It is the philosophy of the Institute for Halakhic Conversion that we have a responsibility to build a bridge to these sincere individuals and make their process of initiation into the Jewish people clear, dignified, and meaningful.