How To Use This Site


The intention of this website is to empower prospective converts and their families with the information, understanding, and guidance necessary to navigate the conversion process within Orthodox Judaism. In line with this we have created distinct sections to be explored that discuss different aspects of the conversion process. Each area whether it be the Rabbis, Bet Din, or Education sections contain valuable and practical information that can help you in your understanding and implementation of the conversion process. If you are a prospective convert, please be so kind to thoroughly study the pages on this website before contacting us with any questions that may have already been addressed. We are happy to serve people who need help in ways beyond what the website can provide, but please respect the effort that has been put into creating this highly informative site by utilizing it to its maximum capacity. Lastly, if this site is helpful to you, please seriously consider making a donation to help support its ongoing expenses, as well as the institute’s other programs, which are currently being developed to serve prospective converts and their families.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rabbi Zecharyah Tzvi Goldman